The Cell Phone Guy is a locally owned business in Sioux Falls, SD. It was started in June of 2009 with the intent to be the quality leader in the used cell phone and cell phone repair market in the Midwest. With the cost of new cell phones continuing to rise, the secondary market is gaining popularity. It just makes sense to repair a cell phone with quality parts over buying a new cell phone.

The Cell Phone Guy started out as a one man shop, and has grown into a network of technicians and salesmen that know exactly what it takes to properly diagnose a cell phone problem and determine the proper course of action. The Cell Phone Guy is specialized in cell phone repair and can repair any and all cell phone issues. From basic phones to the most complicated smart phone no phone is out of the question with The Cell Phone Guy.

Most people look at the business name and think……is there really ONE cell phone guy? The answer is no, it takes a team of highly trained professionals to meet the needs of the demanding cell phone repair industry.

The team consists of trained electonic technicians, software gurus, soldering experts, salesmen, and many many more support staff.

We have now added a location in Sioux City, IA. We looked at purchasing local repair company TNT Cell Phone Repair, and we turned down the opportunity only to be approached by their bank to purchase their assets. We purchased their inventory, website, and phone number, and opened up in Sioux City in 2016. We have the most used cell phones of any company in Sioux City, IA. Call us at 712-252-7199 and let our bilingual team help you!