The Cell Phone Guy loves to help the community and one way we do this is by helping raise funds for local church groups, sports teams, benefits, school clubs, libraries, 4-H Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, home school co-ops, and many more.

The process is super simple, and we do this intentionally to make sure the fundraising is both fun and rewarding.

The fundraising is as simple as three steps.

Step 1: Collect as many phones, tablets, mp3 players, old handheld electronics. (New, Used, Broken, Damaged, Cracked, Locked, Charger, No Charger, Whatever)

– Keep in mind if an item is locked it is not worth as much as unlocked. So we recommend putting first name, last name, and phone number on each of the items from WHOEVER was the actually owner of the device. (Obviously if known)

Step 2: Bring the box full, bag full, truck full, whatever down to our retail store at 3506 W 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57106. 605-335-0411

Step 3: Leave us your contact information and we will mail you a check once the items are tested and valued.

(Note: We are not a 501C3 so we will be unable to give donation write off slips.)

Remember: Door to Door is the best route to collect as most people have a lot of these devices in their homes laying in drawers, cupboards, or other storage areas. We also have seen success having a drop off location within your group and blasting social media!