Refund/Warranty Policy

This will update time to time. Always refer to the newest terms. Customer’s contract will change and be subject to the newest terms.

Device Warranty

Cell Phones/Tablets/Laptops

1 Year Warranty

Within 30 Days $0 Deductible

Devices $0-$199.99 $50 Deductible 30 Days to 365 Days

Devices $200-$399.99 $100 Deductible 30 Days to 365 Days

Devices $400-$599.99 $150 Deductible 30 Days to 365 Days

Devices $600 Plus $200 Deductible 30 Days to 365 Days

If total loss a $35.99 restocking fee applies in addition to the deductible.

*The warranty does not cover any damage, only malfunction.

Customer/Store Agreement

In Store:

We do not offer cash, credit, or check money back. Repairs: 30 Day Warranty Devices: 1 Year Warranty with 30 Days No Deductible and Variable Deductible Day 30 to 365 Days.No user damage covered in base warranty. 14 day device exchange with $35.99 restock fee. Older Model Verizon phones may require a VLR Reset. Level 2 Tech Support 1-800-922-0204 or pay us $17.99 for VLR Activation. No exchanges on brand new phones. No discount on exchanges. If you exchange a phone you will have to pay for another activation. Any crack voids defect coverage. Defect coverage covers defects not damage. No defect coverage on Brand New or International Models. No exchange on cases.  No Refunds or Exchanges on Sim Cards or Access Codes. No defect coverage on free charger. Used accessory shown to be working. No defect coverage/exchange on used accessory. Brand new accessories have a 7 day defect coverage, no exchanges. 99 day defect coverage on OEM chargers. Trades are final, no trade backs. Software repairs have a 7 day limited one time defect coverage. Flashing any ROMs to any rooted phone we sell or repair voids our defect coverage. Brand new batteries 1 year defect coverage deductible applies after 30 days. Used batteries 14 day defect coverage. TV’s do not have any defect coverage. Exchange credit cannot be bought, sold, traded. APN settings 7 day defect coverage on the same IMEI only. We do not defect coverage over heating on game systems (RROD or YLOD)(user abuse). No defect coverage on laptop batteries. Loaner Phones are non unwarrantable and non exchangeable. By purchasing you agree to all terms and conditions.

Mail In:

Minimum Non-Smart Phones/Game Systems/iPods $60 Smart Phones/Tablets/Smart Watches/Computers $89.99 *NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS*
***All Repairs: *** We warranty only the item we repair. After 30 days if the customer does not pick up repair, the repair incurs a late fee of $1 per day. After 45 days the late fees double, but the device is recycled. Minimum fees listed above will be charged even if the item is deemed unrepairable, customer does not want to fix it, or not economical to fix. Not responsible for any personal property associated with the item to be repaired. Please remove any personal items not essential to the repair (memory card, case, etc). Not responsible for misplaced items. By signing this you agree to let us repair your item (Once taken in, cannot be taken back out of repair.) Time of repair is an estimate, it is not a guarantee. Software changes void warranty.
***Ordering Parts*** 1. Time of parts to arrive is an estimate, it is not a guarantee. The Cell Phone Guy is not responsible for DOA ordered parts. We will send back and exchange, but we cannot give any discounts or stop repairing the item if the first part is DOA. This rarely occurs.
***Customer Provides Parts: No Warranty.
***Doing any sort of factory update may cause me to lose the root/jailbreak/flash or other system problems. I understand that anything I do that causes me to lose root/jailbreak/flash or other system issues, is not the responsibility of the party performing the root/jailbreak.
***Tempered Glass: We are not responsible for broken tempered glass during repair.
***Warranty Repair: 1. We only warranty the items we repair. We will call you if it is outside of warranty with a repair quote.
***If you leave your devices here to sell to us and we determine a value and we do not hear from you for 72 hours we will then buy the phones at the price that we determine. If money is not picked up within 15 days then merchandise is abandoned.

Required $9.99 Repair Protection Fee
This fee protects many things including but not limited to: any and all generic shop tools, adhesives, rags, etc. This fee also provides collective insurance plan that protects the accidental damage of any parts by a repair technician.

Digitizer/LCD/Back Separation Repairs:
Separation required on some repairs. The Cell Phone Guy does it’s best to separate and keep all parts in working order, however we cannot guarantee this. If LCD or back breaks The Cell Phone Guy will fix this at the increased cost of of the more expensive repair. We do not warranty sensitivity or dust/debris under the glass. Imperfections are possible such as bubbles and polarizer alignment.

Diagnostic Repairs
You are paying for basic diagnostics only. This is a manual process and there is no machine we can plug you device into to get an error code. We must actually fix or almost fix your device in order to fully diagnose the issue. Basic diagnostics will not fix your device. If the device needs additional labor you will owe the minimum labor listed above or possibly more depends on if it needs software, reflow, or more intense labor. If we can not get your device fixed you will not owe any more for any additional labor or reflow or software attempts. If parts are needed we will let you know and the diagnostic cost does not roll into the repair cost. If you need multiple parts or repairs we will bundle and give discounts on the 2nd or 3rd or etc parts/labor that is needed. Our repair time is an estimate. It is not a guarantee. We would prefer more time the better so we can do a good job repairing your item and have less warrantable issues. After diagnostics are performed and repairs determined we will call you, if we are unable to reach you and have not heard from you within the grace period of 72 hours we will continue to repair the item at the increased cost.

Water Damage Repairs
You are paying for basic labor only. We will clean the entire inside of the device and determine if cleaning will fix the issue. If basic labor fixes the issue there is no warranty due to water damages ability to possibly not work in 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, etc. If any additional labor, reflowing, parts are needed this will be additional and we will call you to let you know if basic labor does not solve the issue. Our repair time is an estimate it is not a guarantee. Water damage is a repair that we prefer to let the battery charge to 100% and make sure it does not reboot,overheat, or other random issues. We prefer water damage for data recovery or a temporary repair as you can only clean or replace parts you can NEVER remove water damage.Our repair time is an estimate. It is not a guarantee. We would prefer more time the better so we can do a good job repairing your item and have less warrantable issues.